Odyssey Ranch believes that healthy animals need a healthy diet. Just as poultry flourishes on natural and free range diet consisting of forage, insects, worms and other delicacies, our family pets also flourish on natural diets intended for the carnivorous species.  Many pet food diets out there today are mainly grain based, which is not totally bad in small amounts, however, would not be the main ingredient in your dogs diet if he or she were following in their ancestor's footsteps. Pet food products today are very commercialized, lacking the raw protein, and nutrients of a free range type carnivorous diet. These commercialized foods are full of preservatives, colors and salt. Many of these foods contain too much cereal/carbohydrates for your pet, which have been found to be linked to overeating, diabetes, weight gain, cancers, allergies and other various problems.

Advantages of a Raw Diet, Sometimes called BARF, which is an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or sometimes known as Bones And Raw Food:
Shinier coats                                         no grains                                      
Healthier skin                                        no preservatives
Cleaner teeth                                        no hormones
Higher energy levels
Smaller stools
Fewer allergies
Maintain weight control

Another benefit of Raw or BARF feeding is putting living enzymes in your pet's diet. These living enzymes are proteins found in raw foods which help the body function. Enzymes are only beneficial to the body if they are living. Once food is cooked or processed, it no longer contains living enzymes. Foods without living enzymes put stress on the pancreas to produce the necessary proteins to function. Living Enzymes in a raw diet restore, repair, and maintain health. Animals replenish their enzymes systems by eating raw unprocessed foods.

More information about Raw or BARF feeding can be seen at:

http://youtu.be/DG4AAIeUDo8    (RAW Feeding video from a Vet)
http://youtu.be/stZCSUJa4EU  (RAW Feeding video - part 1)
http://youtu.be/FFnLn6uSEls  (RAW Feeding video - part 2)
This is Savannah.  She is a 5 month old female German Shepherd that has been raised on a raw meat diet. As you can see, she is thoroughly enjoying her chicken meal.  This meal was a full grown standard sized rooster that was skinned, with wings and head removed, but was not gutted. As you can see, she removed the guts first and now she is leisurely enjoying the rest of her meal. Her meals alternate between chicks, chicken and rabbit, with an occasional duck!
Odyssey Ranch understands that not everyone believes in natural raw feeding, however, for the people who do, we offer a good quality, naturally raised, healthy source of raw meat that you can feed intact or supplement with your regular feeding regiment. These animals are raised in a healthy environment, free from antibiotics and hormones. They are raised to the same standards as the animals used for human consumption.

People ask us how we know that our rabbit meat is healthy, wholesome and free from additives, - this is easy, - because we know exactly what goes into our rabbits and animals. We seek out the best raw products. We grind these products in a hammer mill, add vitamins and trace minerals, mix thoroughly and pellet our own feed - adding no other additives, hormones, preservatives or anything artificial. We prepare our feed biweekly, so it remains fresh
Out comes our fresh wholesome pellets
Out of the hammermill
Into the pellet hopper
That being said, Odyssey Ranch is offers the following Natural Raw Pet Food:

Natural Raised RABBIT

~  Whole Skinned Rabbit, NOT gutted - head and feet removed, 3-4 lbs per rabbit --- $3.00 per lb

~  Whole Skinned Rabbit, gutted - head and feet removed, organs included (heart, lungs, liver and kidneys), no
     intestines --- $3.00 per lb

~  Rabbit Sections - Cut into 5 sections with organs (meat/bone with liver, heart, lungs, kidneys), 2-3 lb 
    packages --- $3.25 per lb

~  Ground Rabbit (rabbit meat with bone and organs) - no skin/fur, intestines, head or feet) --- $3.50 per lb

~  Rabbit Heads (Great treats!) --- $1.00 each

Natural Raised CHICKEN

Ground Chicken (entire chicken with bone, organ meat: - no skin/feathers, feet and heads) --- $2.00 per lb

~~Ground Chicken/Beef Lung Blend 50/50 --- $2.00 per lb

~~Natural Raised Beef Lung - (when available) --- $2.00 per lb

~~Natural Raised Beef Liver - (when available) --- $2.25 per lb
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