About Us
About Us
Our beautiful Texas sunset at our Ranch...
Odyssey Ranch is a small 2-person run operation that has been in business for over 20 years. We do not rely on employees or outside help to maintain our Ranch, animals, or products. We are Hands-On in every aspect of what we do and we do our best to keep our Ranch and products as natural as we possibly can. All proceeds made from and off our Ranch go back into our Ranch, caring for our livestock, and providing a living for ourselves. By purchasing from us you are showing your support for natural and responsible farming and ranching practices and Lifestyles. We sincerely 'Thank You' for your patronage and support.

Over the years, Odyssey Ranch has been involved with the breeding and raising of many types of animals and livestock, both large and small. We have a combined lifetime of animal related skills and ranching experiences to keep our critters healthy and content. Over the years, not only have we bred and raised some top-notch animals, we have also provided grooming services, Pet Foods, built Custom Enclosures, and provided educational lectures regarding livestock, supplies, and practices. Our business changes from time to time to evolve with the changing needs of the times and our consumers. Although our products are not labeled as "organic", we take pride in keeping everything as natural and wholesome as we possibly can.

Our Soap-Making Beginnings--
We raised bottle baby calves and felt that the
goat's milk was a better, healthier choice for
the calves then the store-bought commercial milk replacer. Our calves thrived on the goat's milk. But slowly our calf source dwindled and our goats milk became more and more abundant. Not only did we drink the goat's milk, we made various cheeses for ourselves and raised some of our dogs on it. Everyone loved the goat's milk. The next step was soap. We made our first goat's milk soap for ourselves knowing it contain valuable nutrients and properties. Skin problems that we had vanished. As we started to tell people of our story, some people wanted to try it out for themselves. We passed out many of our goat's milk soap bars and made many believers. Finally we realized that there were so many people like us, some having skin issues or some just wanting a natural and healthy product that we started producing and selling goat milk soap to the public.

Our HorseShoe Decor-
Our Horseshoe Decor started out with modest and
 functional pieces of work consisting of bridle hangers,
 hat racks and boot scrapers. Over the years, people have requested custom pieces, signs and wall decor. Although this was a new concept for us, we aimed to please and create the pieces our customers wanted, after all, we had literally piles of used horseshoes from our horses to work with. As the demand for Horseshoe Decor increased, we had to implement some new shoes within our work as well as our reclaimed. Now, as we sit and milk our goats, we grab a handful of horseshoes and explore different designs, styles and unique creations we can make. Throughout the years we have built up many different and unique horseshoe creations that we are proud of and hope to continue our creative juices for years to come.

Our Tasty Treats-
Each and every Holiday season, we bake our cookies, cakes, brownies and treats for friends and family alike.  We had more and more interest in our baked from friends of friends and extended family members, one after another suggesting we offer some of our baked goods to the public. And so it started... We take no shortcuts when it comes to baking tasty treats from scratch using the freshest, wholesome ingredients we could find and many times, ingredients straight from our Ranch. We now offer many of these tasty treats in Texas-size fashion for an experience you won't soon forget. Our Tasty Treats are only available at this time in person or any of the venues we cover.

When people want to know about "US" and
 our values-- our best description is that -
we enjoy what we do, appreciate life and
the Wonders that it brings us and respect nature. We are not perfect. We are always learning and we enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience with others, especially the youth, so that hopefully they can achieve their goals and dreams. We will endure the hard work, long hours and a lifelong dedication to our animals and our lifestyle. We will take the bad with the good and the 'ups' with the 'downs', and although we will probably never be considered "Rich", we are blessed to experience this life journey and this rural country living.
Please feel free to view our website and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

We appreciate our loyal customers and look forward to making new customers in the future.