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                                                                  up to 1 wk old         2 wks old        3 wks old

  Standard Chicks - Straight Run / NOT sexed      $  2.50 ea          $ 3.00 ea     $ 3.50 ea     
 (except Pullets)    
  Older chicks  - call for pricing & availability 

  Fertile Hatching Eggs available - $1.50 ea.
up to 1 wk old            2 wks old           3 wks old
 Chicks - Pullets
(female)                                $ 3.50 ea              $ 4.00 ea        $ 4.50 ea
 (New Hampshire Reds, White Plymouth Rocks, Sexlinks)

 Buff Orpingtons (females)                                $ 4.00 ea              $ 4.50 ea        $ 5.00 ea
 Silver-Laced Wyandottes
(females)            $ 4.00 ea              $ 4.50 ea        $ 5.00 ea

 Cuckoo Marans - Pullets
(female)             $ 4.50 ea              $ 5.00 ea        $ 5.50 ea
Ameraucana/Easter Egger- Pullets (females)     $ 4.50 ea              $ 5.00 ea        $ 5.50 ea
 Standard Cochin - Pullets
(females)           $ 4.50 ea              $ 5.00 ea        $ 5.50 ea

  ALL Cockerals
(males)                                     $ 1.25 ea              $ 1.50 ea        $ 2.00 ea
  BANTAMS   (straight run - unsexed)                                     

                                                                      up to 1 wk old         2 wks old           3 wks old
  Silkies -
(when available)                           $ 5.00 ea            $ 5.50 ea          $ 6.00 ea
                                  Muscovy Ducklings - prices start at  $10.00 ea
                           Assorted Breed Duckling (when available) - prices start at  $4.50 ea

       Sorry, we do not 'hold' chicks.  Chicks are sold on a "first come, first serve" basis.
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We greatly appreciate your business and strive to make our customers happy. However,  for the health, safety & bio-security of our chickens and poultry, we NO longer give tours of our ADULT chicken and poultry facilities to the public.
Thank you,
Odyssey Ranch
 All FERTILE Hatching Eggs can be shipped. No guarantees on hatching eggs as we have no control over hatching conditions and postal handling.  We will package the eggs with the utmost care to prevent breakage.
We are open to the public 5 days a week from 9 AM to 5 PM.  We are CLOSED on Tuesday AND Wednesday.  If these posted hours do not meet your schedule, please call us to make a  special appointment. 

4-H, FFA and Military Discounts - 10% OFF

 50 or more birds - 10% Off
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What makes us different from other hatcheries and backyard poultry breeders?!!

We have found over the years, that many youth (4-Hers, FFA, etc) and exhibitors have poured out their life savings into raising poultry that they believed to be show worthy, only to find out that the breeder that they acquired their birds from did not have parent stock that meets American Poultry Association (APA) Standards for showing. Plain and simple, just because a person/breeder may charge a lot of money for their baby chicks, does not guarantee that they will be show quality. Matter-a-fact, even if the parent stock was shown successfully, that is still not a guarantee that all the offspring will be show quality. Your chances of obtaining show stock are better if the parents do meet the APA Standards.
Along with raising poultry that conforms within the Breed Standards, we also wanted to make these chicks affordable to the average person. We didn't want people having to pay so much money for so little promise.  After all, if you can purchase 10 of our chicks for the same price as 3 of someone else's chicks, both chicks having show quality parent stock, you will definitely stand a better chance of obtaining show worthy chicks with the greater numbers.

So, what if you are not interested at all into showing your birds? Most of us, love to see beauty and these birds, whether they are show or pet quality, are beautiful representatives of their breed.

We raise our birds with a good parent stock, a healthy environment, quality feed and the utmost care. We do not vaccinate our stock as we feel our birds have a healthy immune system and don't wish to compromise their systems by the introduction of medication or vaccines. Our birds have been tested by National Poultry Improvement Program (NPIP) and found to be disease free.

We take pride in our customer service. We work with you one-on-one to learn what you are looking for and to try to fill your needs. Whether you are looking for a small backyard flock, egg production, organic meat, dual purpose birds, pest control, exhibition, or something else - we will attempt to find the right bird for you.

And that's what makes us different...


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Poultry descriptions

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Poultry Supplies:
(Coops, watering systems, etc.)
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 Usually ranch and rural living involves open-spaces and the great outdoors. And where there are horses and livestock, many times there is some type of poultry nearby, - often used for egg and meat production, pest control, snake deterrants, backyard hobbist, organic growers, chick production or just simply ornamental yard art. Chickens are a great way to recycle your leftover food waste into a valuable resource of farm fresh eggs and meat. We have been raising poultry for over 20 years and with each passing year, we strive to continuously improve our stock for the betterment of the customer/consumer, the breed, the fancier and the industry.

We are NPIP certified. We ship day-old chicks throughout the US. (We are suspending chick shipping for 2015 due to anticipation of relocation).  We will not be shipping all breeds of poultry at this time. We will have a selection of straight run (unsexed) and pullet (female) chicks available. We will have some older chicks available as well.

The following poultry will be available for 2015:

STANDARD CHICKEN BREEDS:                                                  TURKEYS:
                                                                                                    Assorted Breeds- (when available)            
BANTAMS:                                                                                          GUINEAS:

Click here to learn about the various breeds of Poultry we raise.
We currently have Young Hens - approaching laying age,     $15 to $20 each

We greatly appreciate your business and strive to make our customers happy. However, due to recent safety concerns  AND for the health and safety of our animals, we
NO longer give tours of our ADULT chicken and poultry facilities to the public. We will continue to show our stallions, sale horses and animals for sale to prospective customers. You are always welcome to bring your families and children, but please keep track of your children at all times and DO NOT let them run loose on the property.  We are not a petting zoo. We hope these measures will keep our animals and customers safe and happy.
Thank you,
Odyssey Ranch
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!
Below are some of the birds we have shown in 2011 and 2012.
Best of Show 2012
AV Fair

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AV Fair