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Breeding Policy Amendment - At our customers request, we are implementing the suggestion by many to be able to take their mares home after having been successfully covered (bred) through the mare's complete breeding cycle. This will save some customers on their mare care costs.  It will then be the customer's responsibility to have their mare pregnancy checked by their own veterinarian.  Additionally, just as it states in our regular breeding contract, all fees (breeding and mare care, etc.) must be paid prior to the mare leaving the facility. If the mare does not settle (conceive), it will be the customer's responsibility to return the mare to be re-bred.

Although we are working hard with our customers to help cut costs and still provide them and their animals with good quality care, service and the best chance of having their mare settle (conceive), we will not have a person trailer their mare in daily or everyother day to avoid paying the mare care. We feel that this is not in the best interest of the mare's care and safety, and is not conducive to having the mare settle successfully.

Please feel free to visit us in person, on-line or by phone

 HOURS:  We are currently open by APPOINTMENT ONLY during our relocation and settlement period. Please call us to set up your appointment!   Horse viewing after dark is NOT recommended as we do not have sufficient lighting for that purpose.

We will be standing only 1 of our 2 stallions this year, Goldmaker.

Our stallions were chosen by us for their pedigree, performance capabilities, athletic ability, stout conformation and easy-going temperament, - let's not forget overall looks!!
     We believe each stallion will pass these traits on to their offspring, who should be versatile to compete in many fields. We believe our stallions offer great breeding potential and we are proud to be standing them. 

"Goldmaker"  is a guaranteed COLOR producer deluxe.  He is double Registered Paint/Pinto HOMOZYGOUS TOBIANO Cremello.  This means that he will ONLY produce PALOMINO and BUCKSKIN Paints / Pintos.  He will not produce smokey black OR SOLID foals.  He is performance bred with "Montana Doc" and "Doc Olena" breeding. Goldmaker is very stout and athletic, with a good mind and should pass those qualities, as well as beautiful color, on to his offspring.

"Preferred Platinum", stout, gray stallion - son of "Chicks Beduino", grandson of "Dash for Cash" and great grandson of "Easy Jet", has produced  offspring offering speed, size, great build and power, athleticism and a good mind. Many champion horses in his pedigree. NOT STANDING TO THE PUBLIC 2017

Odyssey Ranch specializes in Quarter Horse racing  & performance, as well as Paint performance bloodlines.  Though concentrating on racing and performance,  we are dedicated to breed 'tried and true' bloodlines, that will not only physically perform in any forum, but have the temperament, disposition and intelligence to excel in all aspects of horsemanship.

We offer Quarter and Paint Stud Service, Boarding and Lay-ups, Horses for Sale and Transportation. We have GUARANTEED color producers of Palomino and Buckskin foals. Our race-bred stallions carry the bloodlines of "Chicks Beduino",  "Dash for Cash",  "Easy Jet"  and "Go Man Go" to name a few.

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Racing & Performance-Bred Horses
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APHA/PtHA Paint Stallion

AQHA Quarter Horse  Stallion
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Pinto Horse Association of America
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Although Odyssey Ranch has diversified to offer more services and types of animals to our customers, make no mistake to think that any of our quality of service or animals are diminishing. In today's economy, diversity is the key to success and along with that, quality of stock and service is the glue that holds a successful business together. Once a person has the reputation to offer quality products at a reasonable price, success can also be measured by the amount of returning customers over and over again, and those customers referring over new customers.
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Awards Proudly Recieved
Preferred Platinum
Gray AQHA Stallion

Preferred Platinum  Beautiful and impressive
16 hands, 1200 pounds, stout Gray Stallion by
Chicks Beduino out of a Dash for Cash mare.   Platinum has a muscular, well-defined body and an equally great disposition and intelligence.  Platinum has outstanding bloodlines, with several
World Champions in his pedigree.  (Please click on the blue text to see the World Champions in Platinum's pedigree)  

Platinum produces straight, stout, athletic, well-proportioned offspring, that can be used for racing, performance and show.  Platinum, himself,  never raced due to an injury to his knee as a foal.  Although over $40,000.00 was spend in vet bills and surgery to correct this injury, unfortunately, all attempts were unsuccessful for Platinum to ever race.  However, we believe that his bloodlines will pass on a highly successful and proud legacy.    
No Longer Standing at Stud to the Public for 2017
Registered Paint Stallion
At Stud

APHA/PtHA Homozygous Cremello

"Goldmaker", is a guaranteed COLOR producer.  He is double Registered Paint/Pinto HOMOZYGOUS TOBIANO Cremello.  This means that he will ONLY produce PALOMINO and BUCKSKIN Paints/Pintos.  He will not produce smokey black foals.  He is performance bred with "Montana Doc" and "Doc Olena" breeding.

 Stud Fee:  $500
Triple guarantee!!!!  - Live foal, color (patterned) foal AND single dilute foal (Palomino or Buckskin!)

(Complete bloodlines and breeding information coming soon!)
(Booking Fee included in above Stud Fee)
(Some of the above buttons still under contruction.)
Until Goldmaker's page is complete, please view his PEDIGREE here:
Registered Quarter Horse Stallions
At Stud

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Learn more about Paint Horses
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