Why Miniature Cattle?

MINIATURE CATTLE are the perfect animal for the small acreage farms of the world. They require one-third the feed of standard size animals. Because of their small size, miniature cattle can be handled easily and efficiently without the need for special equipment or special fencing. They are efficient feed converters and easy on the land and pasture. Miniature cattle are a great breed for youth to gain experience with because of their small size and docile temperament. There are 26 recognized breeds of Miniature cattle. We raise the Miniature Belted Galloway.

What are the advantages of the Miniature Belted Galloways?

They are best known for:
In today's health conscience world, the beef of these Galloway breeds have some superior qualities. The beef is lean, yet marbled at the same time. What is the reason for the leaner beef? The Galloway has a thick double hair coat, which means that the carcass does not have the extra layer of back fat common to many other breeds. This breed does equally as well in any climate.  Because of their dense coat, they are insolated against harsh winters as well as severe summer heat.
These Belted Galloway cattle were proven (through a Canadian College 10 year study) to have high feed conversion rates which means that it takes less feed to produce more weight gain/meat. Galloways dress out at 60% to 62% of live weight. This fact makes these cattle a profitable choice of small breed cattle. On top of that study, it was also noted that the Galloway breeds are able to consume and digest a greater variety of flora (vegetation) than other tested breeds making them very good cattle to thrive in less than ideal conditions.
These miniatures are naturally polled, meaning that they born hornless, and will never grow horns, taking the worry out of dehorning procedures or tipping of the horns. And being hornless/polled, they are not destructive on fences and equipment.

These are some of the reasons we chose to breed and raise the Miniature Belted Galloway, also known as Belties. Plus, they are pretty eye appealing as well!

Unfortunately, we do not have any of these cattle for sale at this time.  We will post them when we have any available.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!